Gaspunt, S.A., has been manufacturing and supplying expendable hospital material for hospitals and clinics since 1977.

Since its origins, Gaspunt defines as its main objective, to establish relationships of trust with its client, for which it has constituted the quality of its product, the guarantee of its processes and the seriousness of its services as basic pillars.

Its experience over the years has allowed Gaspunt, S.A. to guarantee customer satisfaction. Gaspunt complies with all legal requirements and with the regulations that regulate these products for hospital use, for which it applies, in all its manufacturing, handling and packaging processes, its own techniques that guarantee its quality.

Gaspunt seeks the highest quality in the raw materials it uses to make its products, at the same time that it is committed to research and the application of new technologies that guarantee all the products that reach its client. Gaspunt's service company has led the relationship with its client, to the daily commitment to satisfy its needs, both in terms of product quality and the guarantee of its processes, as well as in meeting the market's own demands.