Gaspunt, S.A., it takes from 1973 making and providing the fungible hospitable material of hospitals and clinics.

From its origins, Gaspunt defines as its objective main, to establish relations of confidence with his client, reason why it has constituted like basic pillars the quality of its product, the guarantee of his processes and the seriousness of its services. Its experience throughout years, it has allowed Gaspunt, S.A., to strengthen the satisfaction of its client.

Gaspunt fulfills all the demanded legal requirements and with the norms that regulate these products of hospitable use, for which it applies, in all his processes of manufacture, manipulated and packaged, technical own that guarantees their quality.
Gaspunt looks for the Maxima quality in the raw materials that it uses to make his products, on a par that bet by investigation and the application of new technologies that guarantee all products that arrive at their client.

The society of the service of Gaspunt has lead the relation with its client, to the daily commitment to satisfy the necessities with the same one, as much in the quality of product and the guarantee of its processes, like in attention of the own demands of the market.

The norms of European manufacture and control are recognized and certificate in agreement with EC 0318/IT UNITES in ISO 13488: 2001 and in ISO 9002.

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